ResDiary solving conflicts since 2006

At ResDiary Pat Benatar’s classic anthem ‘Love is a Battlefield’ is never off our playlist. It takes us back to our restaurant days; coming home from a brutal shift and looking like we’d been in a warzone. What war was going on? The needs of front of house vs the demands placed on the kitchen.

For any Chef or Restaurant Manager facing the challenge of balancing a maximum capacity restaurant with the flow of orders in the kitchen, this can seem like a battlefield, just like our hero Pat sang about. What if there was a way to keep the peace in your restaurant?

Enter ResDiary : Clever Yield Management tools which allow floor staff to manage reservations at peak times . The entire system is created to maximise your restaurant’s yield (tables) and turnover while ensuring a manageable stream of orders into the kitchen.

Sounds like a tonic doesn’t it?