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What is it?

For ResDiary restaurateurs it’s a new self-service mechanism to drive bookings during off peak times by offering compelling value added packages & an opportunity to gain added margin at peak times.

What is an added value "Dining Experience"?

This can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. It will ultimately depend on your restaurant’s offering and capabilities. At a basic level, your dining experience could be a set menu with a glass of champagne or a cocktail included. Alternatively, it could be a meal at the chef’s table; or whisky tasting accompanied by finger food; or entertainment such as vegetable carving with your set meal.

Please note that the dining package to be sold via Dine Experience must be exclusive to this Dine Experience & ResDiary. Dine Experience is intended to be a high value offering, both for the restaurant and for the guest. In consequence, offers based on discounts or money-off concepts shall not be accepted for promotion as a Dine Experience.

How will bookings be taken?

Dine Experience is powered by the ResDiary technology; therefore any bookings will be allocated to tables in your diary in real time and identified as arriving from the Dine Experience channel.

Bookings must be paid for in full in advance and the operator must use the ResDiary Stripe functionality.

How will it be promoted?

  • Email database to your local area
  • ResDiary’s social media channels 14k Twitter followers, 2,300 Facebook – posts
  • Facebook paid targeted advertising
  • Subway advertising

Please note: the concept will be trialed in a number of locations initially then rolled out to the rest of UK.

What will it cost the restaurateur?

Nothing - ResDiary will carry all promotion overhead, production, print and advertising costs.

What must the operator do?

On agreement, we shall send a branded email on behalf of the restaurant asking all its database to opt in to DineExperience.com marketing - we may provide a prize for those that sign up. ResDiary will only promote added value offers and will decline to carry discount or money off deals.

We ask that restaurants opt in by default all new booking customers to the RD/DE.com database.

Why should I be interested?

  • Gain incremental bookings to your restaurant for zero additional cost apart from Stripe fees.
  • Vary meal prices based on demand - charge less at off peak times to attract additional diners; consider charging more at peak times.
  • Build your consumer database – data for bookings made via new consumers on Dine Experience will be shared.
  • Protect your brand by avoiding obvious discounting and being listed on discount sites.