Favourite Tables

We are delighted to announce that Favourite Tables now has an active interface available to enable ResDiary users to take commission free reservations through their Favourite Tables listing.

“The process of setting up the booking link from Favourite Tables into the ResDiary system now used by Forbury's, L’Anima Café, Restaurant Mark Greenaway and London Steakhouse Company was really easy and we are delighted to be able to offer this service to ResDiary users who are listed on Favourite Tables”

- Neil Marshall Favourite Tables MD 

Who are Favourite Tables?

Favourite Tables are all about reviews from loyal customers - and the popularity of each Favourite Tables listed restaurant is assured on their Social Marketplace through reviews they receive.

The ethos of FavouriteTables.com is about places people love, based on the realisation that many people choose where to eat on the basis of recommendations from friends and family, a social interaction - a social marketplace.

What does it cost?

The integration between ResDiary and Favourite tables is absolutely free, but there may be a listing charge by Favourite Tables - contact details are below. There are NO commission charges.

How will I receive my reservations?

Reservations made via the Favourite Tables portal will come via a separate channel. This means you can see immediately which bookings are from where, and accurately report on this too. 


You can set up the integration with any ResDiary version: Intro, Express or Pro. Simply register with Favourite Tables, and they'll put your ResDiary widget on your listing with live access to your diary's availability. 

Favourite Tables Offer

If you are an existing customer of ResDiary, and are not currently listed on Favourite Tables, you can take advantage of a special offer to mark this collaboration and list your restaurant with Favourite Tables for 50% of the normal rate and list your restaurant for 12 months for a little as 14p a day.


To request further information, please contact 

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