Make the process of managing bookings from 3rd parties simple and rewarding with Concierge from ResDiary.

What is it?

Concierge is a free booking platform that connects third party agents - such as hotel concierge and personal assistants - with 24 hour, global access to their ideal restaurants.

Great for restaurants

With Concierge restaurants can accept and monitor reservations from third party channels, knowing that they’re from a secure source and with complete transparency.

Great for booking agents

Concierge allows booking agents to be effective with constant access to real-time reservations for their selected restaurants. Agents are able to quickly search and book, with reporting to track their performance.

Other features

  • VIP clients can be bookmarked, making them quick to locate.
  • With autocompleted information fields, reservations only take an instant to capture and confirm.
  • Bookings can be edited allowing complete management.
  • Useful reports deliver breakdowns of the 3rd party bookings for each venue.

How it works

Refer Any restaurant with an existing relationship with a 3rd party booker can create a mutually beneficial incentive programme.

Sign Up 3rd party bookers can sign up here.

Search & Book Once logged in, 3rd party bookers can access a reservation dashboard and restaurant management system.

Favourites 3rd party bookers can identify their most booked sites and regular bookers to mark them as favourites.

Reports Restaurateurs can see where bookings come from, focus on viable reservation streams and award concierge incentives.

Access Restaurants have full access to all bookings made, enabling them to manage reservations with the right person at the right time, enhancing your customer's’ experience.

Branding All bookings are immediately followed up with a restaurant branded confirmation email ensuring the brand experience is preserved and the standards of service are being met.

Let Concierge by ResDiary serve you.

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