Advanced Promotions

Optimise your restaurant’s yield and reduce the need for external ‘deal’ websites with advanced promotion settings from ResDiary restaurant reservations system. With advanced promotions you can set the price and duration of any special menu or dining experience. This gives you the flexibility to make extra margin at peak times when demand is high, or encourage more diners into your restaurant on quieter sittings. We all hate no- shows, so safeguard yourself from them, by securely storing card details, taking deposits or even charging upfront in full ensuring you are never stood up again.

Promotions and special menus are a great way to encourage new clients, and repeat visits. They also enable you to generate more footfall at traditionally quieter periods in your restaurant.

Promotions by Time & Date

ResDiary promotions are flexible, straightforward and include a first class reservation journey for your customers. Make a good first impression!

Schedule and promote your restaurant promotions in advance. Select the dates and times you wish the offer to be available, and the date you wish customers to be able to start to reserve for it, then watch your reservations fill your diary.

Promote your offer via ResDiary’s free email marketing facility. Direct the promotion straight to the inbox of the customers that will be the most interested via your marketing lists.

Set your offer to be available to online clients only, to internal reservations, via your mobile optimised ResDiary microsite, your Facebook and Twitter pages - and more! You’ll never pay any commission.

Variable Pricing

Variable pricing allows you to vary the price of your promotional offer by day of the week. This will allow you to offer more competitive prices on quieter days - and fill your diary without the need to rely on a third party ‘deal’ website.

Your customers can reserve directly with you for a great offer, and you can build up a list of contact details for your customers who will be interested in your promotions, helping you to generate future business.

How to find your ResDiary Microsite URL for marketing campaigns

Find out how to copy your ResDiary optimised microsite URL to drive more commission free reservations to your diary. You can find this from your diary by going to: PROMOTE > MICROSITE. This will open your microsite in a new window. Simply copy the microsite address from the navigation bar at the top.

You can choose to have any promotions available to this channel only, or from multiple channels. 

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