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Benefits to you:

Gain a live, detailed snapshot of your business at any time during service with simultaneous indicators on ResDiary and your Tevalis system of seating/dining status.

ResDiary’s customer notes can feed directly into the Tevalis system, providing extra information for your front of house team about your guests’ special requests and preferences.

Menu items ordered and customer spend are passed from Tevalis to your ResDiary - and are automatically pulled up the next time the customer makes a reservation. 

Encourage loyalty with first class customer service. Your customers feel valued and you gain invaluable insight into your business


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The integration in more detail:

The integration between Tevalis EPOS and ResDiary Restaurant Reservations System means your front of house staff can see expected arrivals with data pulled through from ResDiary.

They can mark a reservation as being seated using the EPOS system, and the diner’s status will be automatically updated in your ResDiary.

There’s no need to move between the two different systems to keep track of what’s happening on the restaurant floor.

As diners’ food and beverage orders are placed in the Tevalis system (such as drinks, starters, mains, desserts, table ready and bill printed), the seated status is automatically updated in ResDiary - so the host team can easily see on the diary view when tables are likely to become free.

As tables are ‘closed’ in the EPOS system, and payments logged against each reservation - the data is driven to your diary to show the reservations being closed, instantly freeing the tables for future online or internal reservations - or walk ins.

Easily allocate and reserve diners to the next available table - maximising your restaurant yield during any service.

When customers make a repeat reservation, the details of their last bills from the Tevalis system will be displayed during the reservation process - so you can see preferences and previous customer spend.

These details are also reportable within ResDiary so you can analyse your database for your top spend customers throughout a specified period of time, and send specific marketing messages to these guests if required.

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