First Table is a restaurant marketing platform that leverages your first table of the evening to attract the attention of the hungry, restaurant-going public!

10 reasons to join!

  1. Get those first customers in the door
  2. Our research has shown that customers attract customers. It makes sense; a customer eating in your restaurant is an endorsement that your restaurant is good! And it shows you’re open.

  3. It’s free! No commission, no sign-up fee, and there’s no minimum period
  4. Apart from offering your first table of the evening at a discount there is no cost to the restaurant.

  5. Raving reviews
  6. The problem with restaurant review websites is that customers tend to only leave a review when they have something to complain about! First Table solves this by actively encouraging and incentivising all First Table diners to leave a review after dining at your restaurant.

  7. Facebook Likes
  8. All diners are encouraged to like your Facebook page so you can keep marketing to them.

  9. New customers
  10. Seventy five percent of First Table diners indicate it's their first time dining at the restaurant. Treat them to a fantastic time and they'll tell their friends. They'll come back too and they won't always dine at early o'clock!

  11. Offer your first table when you choose
  12. You’re free to pick the days and the time you offer your first table. This means you don’t have to discount on weekends if you don’t want to. We'll give you a login so you can block out dates when you're already busy, like Valentines Day!

  13. Measure your results, monthly reports
  14. You will be kept you up to date with how many first tables, reviews, Facebook Likes, page views and website clicks you’ve received since joining First Table.

  15. You will have access to our database
  16. If you’ve got a special on, a new menu, a new chef or any other update that you want everyone to know about, we will send the news out to our customers in your area, for free!

  17. Manage it yourself
  18. You will be given a login to manage the nights and times you want to offer your first table, and your photos, content, menus and contact details. Or contact us and we'll do it for you!

  19. It’s free marketing
  20. Did we mention it’s free?

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