ResDiary Portal

Get your very own, personalised, mobile optimised, webpage - FREE OF CHARGE - from ResDiary. This page is generated by our team using information you have set in the diary back office, although you do have the option to change the content should you wish. Customers can book directly to your diary and are invited to leave reviews via email.  

ResDiary Portal

The Best Tables. The Best Times. The Best Restaurants. is ResDiary’s customer facing reservation portal, attracting over 500,000 site visitors per month.

  • As always, reservations on are commission free
  • Reservations sync directly with your diary in real time - no emails, no time wasted
  • Reservations are subject to your diary rules and limits - no over-reservations
  • Offer your guests special offers, menus and promotions - without any cover charges
  • Promote your restaurant brand with information about your unique venue
  • Encourage diners to reserve by adding your menus and unlimited images to your restaurant listing
  • Give your diners an intuitive, enjoyable reservation experience
  • Receive verified feedback from your guests after their visit and display this on your listing  

Mobile Optimised Microsite

Mobile Optimised Microsite

We'll create a mobile optimised restaurant listing on This will contain your verified customer reviews and allow you to take bookings in your diary in real time. Attract reservations by adding restaurant information, images of your dishes and venue and your menus.

Any malicious reviews reported by an operator will be removed automatically at the request of the operator.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Your web page will be mobile optimised, which means it will look great on mobile phones and tablets - allowing customers to easily see your restaurant's reviews and make bookings.

Post Booking Emails

Send your guests an automatic email using your words and branding to thank them for their visit, and elicit feedback. You can even take the opportunity in this email to incentivise a repeat visit to your restaurant.

The post dining email link allows your customers to provide text comments and a 1 to 5 rating across the 5 key indicators:

  • How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?
  • Food & Drink
  • Atmosphere
  • Service
  • Value for Money

Your reviews are shown on your mobile optimised microsite. Restaurants are listed by customer's geo-location and by reviews - so it’s important to switch on your verified feedback to drive your business up the listings!

You can opt to receive your customers' feedback direct to your email inbox on a daily basis.

Respond and Take Action

Now you’ve received some verified reviews, you can take action!

Thank diners for their great feedback, or alternatively address any concerns to help win over disgruntled customers. Feedback is traced back to the reservation so you can see where the customer was sitting and who was serving them. Customers can only make one review per booking with a unique link that becomes invalid after one response.

Post Booking Emails

Verified Feedback

Gain valuable feedback from your customers - without the worry of fake or defamatory reviews

With verified feedback, only customers who have booked a table with you will be emailed to elicit their feedback.

Constructive criticism and positive feedback are recognised as valuable tools for the improvement of customer focus in all businesses, including hospitality.

Restaurant owners need the opportunity to invite quality dialog and contact with their diners to improve their business operationally, or to reward and recognise staff for excellent service.

Solution: Verified Feedback from ResDiary

The benefits of ResDiary’s verified feedback are two-fold. Not only are your reviews from genuine customers only, but you have the opportunity to remove any fake, defamatory or malicious reviews. We’ll do this without question.

This is a free facility designed to put the control back into your hands. You can set your diary to allow reviews only from those diners marked as seated.

Reviews are published on your mobile optimised microsite (above) on - our online customer bookings portal. You can also add a feedback widget to your website with a rolling feed of your latest reviews - we’ll provide this free of charge.

Business Benefits to Verified Feedback

  • Allows customers the opportunity to give their feedback to you directly before turning to review based websites
  • Immediate insight into your guest’s thoughts and feeling concerning their dining experience
  • Trace the review back to the original booking - where they were seated, see any customer notes and who dealt with the reservation - even on reviews left anonymously
  • Manage your reviews and deal with complaints quickly
  • Target improvements related to your business
  • Total Control. We’ll remove any malicious or defamatory reviews if you flag them.


Helpdesk Tutorial: How to flag a review

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