Yield Management Tools

ResDiary specialises in Yield Management tools which help make the most of restaurants’ resources. Our tools help factor in the constraints of kitchen capacity and front of house capabilities. They also improve the automatic allocation of tables to eliminate “white space”, whilst safeguarding against overbooking. The system does this by implementing a series of rules when a booking is made via the internal or online booking process.

    Here’s the basic logic:
  • Bookings are placed on a table for a duration of time.
  • Tables are ranked in the order you would like them seated; turning tables is optimised.
  • Rules are set so you never under or over utilise a table at peak times.
  • Time-slot restrictions are put in place so you never receive more bookings than your floor or kitchen staff can handle.

Yield Management for Puppies

We make yield management so simple, even a puppy could do it.