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ResDiary's innovative and constantly evolving restaurant reservation software is responsible for seating over 54 million covers every year.

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Yield Management

Yield Management means making the most of a limited resource. For restaurants, this resource is availability.

Yield management is the idea that maximising covers at appropriate times within the constraints of kitchen production capacity and front of house resource, leads to restaurants experiencing optimal returns on their availability and covers.

Your Microsite

By signing up to ResDiary you will receive your own mobile responsive microsite and join portal that generates 20000+ bookings for our clients every month.

The microsite has functionality to upload your menu, have validated reviews, and show promotions - giving you the full range of tools to increase your bookings.


There are approximately 38 reports to help you analyse and review many aspects of your operation. The simpler reports can provide day-to- day snapshots; such as the Booking report which shows customer comments, whilst more detailed reports such as Recency Frequency & Monetary (RFM) can highlight when your customers last dined, how often they dine, and how much they spend. This wealth of information will allow you to categorise your database and pull out specific customer segments to market to.

Book Button & Custom Widget

We have two solutions available for you to take bookings from your own website. You'll never be charged commission, and the style options mean your Book Button or Widget will be a great addition to your website.

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