Yield Management

If only it really were a dog's life.

Simple decisions, laid back and carefree.

These days the average restaurant owner needs to be a marketing guru, an online wiz-kid and an efficiency expert in order to create a successful business.The demands placed on restaurants are increasing and with that comes the need to fully understand how they can better serve their customers and improve profit margins simultaneously. It’s a tough call of essentially providing more for less.

ResDiary is focusing its energy on developing technology that keep inefficiencies on a short leash.  Through years of industry experience, the team has been able to identify areas that positively and negatively affect a restaurant business and translated these into solutions that can be used to their best advantage.

Yield Management means making the most of a limited resource. For restaurants, this resource is availability.

Yield management is the idea that maximising covers at appropriate times within the constraints of kitchen production capacity and front of house resource, leads to restaurants experiencing optimal returns on their availability and covers.

The advanced reservation system ensures that availability is carefully monitored and managed, resulting in a market-leading table management environment.  By using hidden complex backend algorithms and tools, the system takes care of managing tables and carefully distributes, spaces and handles the incoming flow of seating required. It’s an intricate strategy of understanding how various factors such as capacity, dates, and timings weave together to produce the best results.

Sound a little long-winded and complicated? Sure, that is exactly why ResDiary is taking the pain out of complex yield management, by providing an easy-to-use, online reservation system that takes care of it all.

ResDiary even allows you to vary the price for the same menu for different times on different days and can take full secure payment in advance. The prices can be changed in an instant by the operator from the  ResDiary back office. This system was recently used by the Fat Duck in their successful re-launch.


We call it Yield Management for puppies

The ResDiary global online reservation system has the capacity to leverage availability to match the shifting needs of diners. It understands the pinch points and knows when to effectively balance the available resources on hand and using pre-defined terms it understands the table capacities, meals, predictable lengths, menu design and specific processes of an individual venue.

For those using the software, all of the complexity and uncertainty is removed and instead what we are presented with is an easy-to-use layout and clear online format.

With all of that taken care of, managers can focus their energy on providing best in class service and ensuring that operations are running effectively.

It’s a system so simple to use, that a puppy could do it.

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