Welcome to ResDiary 9.9! This month discover our new widget configurator which can integrate seamlessly into your website to generate more online bookings. Avoid mistakes with our new alerts which highlight when booking rules are broken. Read about new access privileges for Third Party Booking Agents that can help build your business. Finally, take some time to discover our help section: filled with product walk throughs, user guides and a new feature widget which allows you to propose product development suggestions.

Test drive all our new features with our inline manual. Simply log into your diary, and click the blue "Show New Features" button to get started.

We caught up with Michael Daniel, the chef behind one of London’s best vegetarian restaurant groups; The Gate restaurants in Hammersmith and Islington. We sat down for 10 quick fire questions on food inspirations, vegetarian cuisine and about their exciting new launch #Gate3 in Seymour Place, London W1.

Welcome to ResDiary 9.8! This month stay on top of business with our Booking Report, Running Order and Table Plan View improvements. Control walk in in business with new W8List notifications, and look your best by adding links to your Instagram account on your free listing on Read further information below. Please remember to clear your cache to access all new functionality fully. Test drive the features with our new inline manual whenever you log into your diary. Just click the blue button titled "Show New Features" when you log in to your diary to get started.

They say you shouldn’t have favourites, but at ResDiary we say you should! Adding those little personal touches makes everyone’s day seem better. This is why we have introduced V.I.P status alerts on the ResDiary Online reservation system.

Get ready to rumble this Christmas

Thursday, 27 October 2016 00:00

At ResDiary we have a host of great features to help you at Christmas time - from tools to help manage large party or function bookings; to functionality to record pre orders and deposit payments. We make it so easy that all you will need to do this Christmas is get ready to rumble!

Incomplete Bookings -FAQs

Friday, 21 October 2016 00:00

An incomplete booking is a booking that had a deposit or credit card required but was marked incomplete when the diner failed to submit their card details and complete the booking process.


In October we launched our brand new "Incomplete Booking Alerts " - which inform you of any such booking in your diary and allows you to take action to either finish processing the booking or clear them from your system. Here are some FAQ’s to help you better understand the feature.

New ResDiary Features - Release 9.7 Oct 2016

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 00:00

Welcome to ResDiary 9.7! Try out improvements on the Stripe landing page, that make taking payments in advance even easier. See how our new "incomplete reservation alerts" help your team stay on top of all reservation enquiries made.  

Discover how you can control the time period in which diners can edit their bookings before arrival and make a good impression with our new logo profile image upload feature for use with the ResDiary Now iPhone app for diners. Learn more below, including support articles and tutorial videos. Please remember to clear your cache to access all new functionality.

The Reviews are in!

Monday, 19 September 2016 00:00

Everyone’s a critic these days and you can’t swing a cat without hitting an online review. From the ‘which?’ cotton bud guide to in depth scrutinies of top restaurants, product enthusiasts, listeners and diners are now voicing their opinions more than ever.

Why has the user review become so prominent in the digital landscape and how does the ResDiary Review system benefit your restaurant?

New ResDiary Features - Release 9.6 Sep 2016

Friday, 09 September 2016 00:00

Welcome to ResDiary 9.6! Discover our new diner loyalty programme with Avios and learn how travel can transform your business. See our updated user permissions settings of Full access and View only. Read about the improved Stripe landing page which makes storing guest’s credit cards easier . See how we have restyled sections of the diary for a better user experience and find out how Diners can now edit / amend their bookings.

Learn more below, including support articles and tutorial videos. Please remember to clear your cache to access all new functionality fully.

On a daily basis restaurant critics around the world are testing fine dining restaurants and writing reviews about them, Andy Hayler is one of them. He's the one and only (independent) food critic, who dined at all 3-star Michelin awarded venues around the world within one year! We had 20 quickfire questions to get of our chest and he had 20 excellent answers! Read them below.

We’ve all been there, the third Tuesday in a row with no customers except a depressing Tinder date on table four. Do you close for part of the week? Or run to a discount site, upload a market menu and stuff the commission costs? ResDiary has the answer with our new Off-Peak feature. 

This month’s release is all about control.  Controlling your W8List durations, function enquiries and permissions for who sees your customer data. We’ve also added features to track cancellations and allow diners to create their own profiles.   
Learn more below, including support articles and tutorial videos.

Please remember to clear your cache to access all new functionality fully.

Hailed by the Guardian as “Food-wise, the most exciting thing to hit Brighton for years” – 64 Degrees Brighton has become one of the most exciting venues in East Sussex.  We sat down with Owner and Head Chef Michael Bremner to talk about how 64 Degrees is changing the perception of the  Michelin experience. From its innovative food to it's unique setup how the chefs are taking over in service ...


Salt Yard Group London consists of four unique venues offering a modern basque style kitchen with charcoal-smoked dishes. The have been wowing diners in London with food at The Salt Yard in Fitzrovia, Dehesa in Soho, The Opera Tavern in Covent Garden and the Ember Yard in Soho. At ResDiary we’ve been following them since the beginning and felt it was time to catch up. Who better to talk to than the chef director of the group itself; Ben Tish. We ‘grilled’ Ben on his career path, his favorite barbecue dish, why Michelin awards matter and his secret love for fashion...

There's a new type of spiritualist in town and instead of communicating with the dead, these guys are whipping up spirits of a completely different kind. The Spiritualist on Glasgow's Miller Street wants to take you on a journey to a different realm where you can dine on fine food or sip on a tipple or two, all under a stunningly elegant roof.  Join us on an other-worldly journey to this ethereal space, in the heart of the Merchant City.

The Hearth Of The Ram has been representing the best of North West cuisine for several years in the Michelin Guide and is the only venue holding the red Bib in the Manchester area. We sat down with owner and restaurateur Euan Watkins. We talked with him about all the elements that come together to enable him and his team to deliver a consistently award winning dining experience in Ramsbottom.



5 Father's Day Dining Spots: Belfast

Thursday, 16 June 2016 00:00

Dad, Papa, Padre, Jim?  Whatever you call him your dad deserves something special this Father’s Day.  We understand that Father’s day gifts are never easy but we are sure about one thing, all dads love some good food!  The question is where?  Not to worry we are on hand to help you by taking you on a culinary tour round Belfast to ensure you treat your dad to some stellar grub this Father’s Day.

He chauffeurs you from A to B despite declaring “Ah’m no a bloody taxi!”.  He can upstage your dancing at any family function, and he is ALWAYS on hand with no nonsense Dadvice.  So it’s only fair you treat him like the King he truly is with a Father’s Day feast.  We at ResDiary have made a list with some of the best restaurants in Scotland to wine, dine and enjoy quality time with your old man!

5 Father's Dining Spots: Ireland

Monday, 13 June 2016 00:00

This June 19th it’s time to celebrate the man himself - yes that’s right we are talking about your Pa, Da or Father. Ireland has brought us a rich a colourful array of famous fathers from the infamous Father Ted Crilly to godfathers of Rock like Bob Geldof and Bono. So without further ado let’s take a hop, skip and jump over to the emerald isle and see what’s on offer this Father’s day.

5 Father's Day Dining Spots: London

Friday, 10 June 2016 00:00

Father's Day; a day traditionally laden with patterned socks, dodgy ties and musky aftershaves. Sunday June the 19th is fast approaching and at ResDiary we have decided to shake things up a little for Father’s Day 2016.  So, dispense with the tacky lack lustre gifts of yore and treat your dad to what he really wants: FOOD! Read our handy list of the coolest restaurants in London to wine and dine your padre.

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