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New ResDiary Features - Release 9.9 - January 2017

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Welcome to ResDiary 9.9! This month discover our new widget configurator which can integrate seamlessly into your website to generate more online bookings. Avoid mistakes with our new alerts which highlight when booking rules are broken. Read about new access privileges for Third Party Booking Agents that can help build your business. Finally, take some time to discover our help section: filled with product walk throughs, user guides and a new feature widget which allows you to propose product development suggestions.

Test drive all our new features with our inline manual. Simply log into your diary, and click the blue "Show New Features" button to get started.

 Meet the New Widget Configurator

Due to the success of the ResDiary Widget Configurator, we have created a new and improved version. The new configurator provides a totally flexible and customisable online booking widget. It can mirror your brand’s look and be incorporated into your website in a totally seamless manner. If you are a ResDiary customer and want to take the new widget configurator for a spin, get in touch by email to request a trial by emailing

New Time Slot Colour Alerts

In the diary booking process, if a booking that is about to be made breaks a rule, the time slots where this applies will be highlighted amber to draw attention to this more easily. For example, when a close out is in place and a booking is created, then the slots that are closed out will be shown in amber.

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Third Party Booking Agent Access

We now allow booking agents to manage their own users, empowering the setup creation or deletion of users as per the Booking Agents wishes.
We also allow the booking agent user to have their access to restaurants restricted to a subset of the list of restaurants managed by the booking agency which allows individuals to specialize on reservation management for 1 (or more) restaurants.

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New Product Walk Throughs

In the diary help section we now have a link to interactive product walk throughs. We will be using these walk through guides to help with the onboarding process whilst continuing to create interactive user guides going forward.

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User Feedback Portal

In the diary help section, we have a product features suggestions widget to allow you to submit product suggestions and easily favourite other ideas.

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