Our Team

We believe that the secret to our success is not only our outstanding reservation system with extensive features to help you in many aspects of your operation, but also the expert team who have first hand experience of the restaurant or hospitality industry.  From restaurant owners, to operational staff and front of house staff - our UK based team have first hand experience of some of the challenges you face. 

Mike Conyers

CEO & Founder of ResDiary

Mike founded ResDiary in 2006 after running numerous successful restaurants over a 25 year period.

Mike found that the most important aspects of restaurant reservations is ensuring that reservations taken in advance conform to the best possible flow during service to optimise occupancy, yield and profitability without adversely affecting the capacity of a chef and his kitchen brigade to produce food to the best possible standards of quality and presentation. This was Mike’s primary goal in specifying and building ResDiary at inception.

“I am proud to say we achieved this goal and continue to build on this by adding new features and improvements in all areas of reservation and table management.”

A little insight into feisty Mike: when he’s not working, which he appears to do 24/7, or posting things on Twitter which he really shouldn’t, Mike enjoys good food with a large glass of red wine with his lovely wife.

Claire Anderson

Sales Executive

Claire spent over 10 years working in a number of roles in hospitality before she started with ResDiary.

Her last hospitality job was Ops Manager in an extremely busy venue in Belfast.

“Using ResDiary definitely helped me run a smooth operation and I noticed a drop in the level of no shows with the ResDiary automated email booking reminders to customers.”

A little insight into fast-talking Claire: she’s a serious cat-lover, but fear not Claire also has a social side and a passion for good food.

Jennifer Tilly

Media & Marketing Executive

Jennifer worked in varying types of Hospitality establishments for 9 years prior to working with ResDiary. Whilst working in the hospitality trade, Jennifer used ResDiary as a Reservationist, Restaurant Manager, & Operations Manager.

 “At busy times such as Christmas, I was able to manage booking deposits & payments for multiple sites using the facilities within ResDiary, which was invaluable to our operations.”

A little insight into the gin-swigging Jen: as a newly-wed, she is keen to achieve domestic goddess status by cooking up a storm.

Laura Ewan

Training & Support Executive

Laura joined ResDiary after working in the Hospitality sector for over 12 years, latterly as the Operations Manager in a large hotel.

Laura still speaks quite animatedly about the days before ResDiary where reception, front of house and the restaurants did not communicate, which often led to operational disasters and disgruntled customers.

“I nearly had a heart attack every weekend with the lack of communication between departments, and the nightmare situations that ensued. Getting ResDiary was a godsend: it instantly made communication between departments possible, and meant it was far easier to manage multiple areas within the hotel.”

A little insight into our beautiful Laura: she enjoys skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer and full bodied red wine accompanied with fantastic food. (Please note that we had originally written that Laura loves to drink, party and chat, but she made us change it to the above.)

Nicola Spary

Director and Sales & Customer Relations Manager

Nicola, who has worked with ResDiary for 8 years is the first point of contact for many ResDiary accounts.  Prior to ResDiary, she worked at a number of restaurants as a student.

We once had a ResDiary customer who had no bookings on Bonfire Night, he thought on his feet & quickly decided to put on a ‘bangers & mash’ promotion, sent out a mailer out to his database informing of the deal and within hours he had a fully booked restaurant!

A little insight into live-wire Nicola: constantly on the go, she loves to keep fit, hang out with her family in her spare time and enjoys fine wine and food.

Richard McCandless

Business Development Manager

Richard worked in the Hospitality sector for over 14 years, successfully managing large vibrant restaurants and hotel groups before joining ResDiary.

Richard’s bugbear during his restaurateur days was being unable to appropriately deal with anonymous, negative reviews left on review sites. He therefore loves the integrated feedback system within ResDiary.

“ResDiary’s reviews are gathered from those who book a table through the platform - the customers are sent an email inviting feedback 24 hours after their booking, so you know that the review is from a genuine customer. Having contact details, you are able to directly get in touch with the customer to address their concerns and generally improve service by hearing feedback first hand.”

A little insight into silver-tongued Richard: he loves to ski; plenty of good food and fine wine; and a bit of the old banter.

Mike Breewood

Chief Operating Officer

Mike joined ResDiary in 2010, having been involved as an external advisor since 2006, after a career in selling IT systems to all kinds of organisations.

"The thing that strikes me about ResDiary is how easy it is for our customers to take on the system and use it - whether they are coming from the traditional pen and paper approach or from another electronic system....that and the fact that whenever I get a chance to speak with customers, they are invariably delighted with the difference that ResDiary has made for them - one customer even told me it had saved his marriage!"

A little insight into our resident peace-maker Mike: In his rare moments of leisure, Mike enjoys rowing, cycling and reading history. Sadly "Snoozy's" party days are long gone!

Arcelio Da Silva

Arcelio Da Silva

ResDiary Developer

Arcelio is part of the development team which implements all the new requirements and improves the ResDiary applications.

Before moving to Scotland (and ResDiary), Arcelio worked with a company in Portugal providing optimisation software mostly for schools and universities.

 “Our improved table plan view within the diary gives the operator a clear, informative view of what’s happening at any time within the restaurant”

Arcelio moved to Scotland from Portugal a couple of years ago because he heard the weather was great. He enjoys reading, and is a ‘bit of a nature guy’. Quote: “I don't usually drink alcohol. Apparently that's a big thing…”

Stuart Smith

Stuart Smith


Stuart works on customer-related materials such as styling emails and booking widgets, and on styling pages within our web application, creating presentations and designing other marketing materials.

He is a recent graduate from Edinburgh Napier University in Design & Digital Arts, and before coming to work with the team at ResDiary undertook various freelance projects.

 “The fact that the ResDiary customer facing confirmation emails and booking widgets are branded to the restaurant’s own unique style and colour gives a professional, personal line of communication between the restaurant and their clients.”

Stuart worked as a bartender while studying, and loves the hospitality industry. He’s a big music fan and plays guitar “and a few other bits n bobs”. Stuart has a pet tortoise called GOB (pronounced jobe as in strobe) named after a character from one of his favourite TV shows. He also thinks that he might be a she. The tortoise that is.

Paul McGaw

Paul McGaw

ResDiary Software Tester

Paul is responsible for testing the ResDiary software across several platforms and putting in a test structure and environment.

Paul is a software tester with over 10 years’ experience covering Government, local Government and Banks including test consultancies in Finance, Government and NHS.

 “With each new feature we look at the problem from the eyes of a busy restaurant manager. Each step must be tried and stress tested before it reaches the final platform”

When he’s not testing, he likes to go to Download or Sonisphere rock festivals and scream/sing along. He loves football (particularly when Scotland are at home) and watches it all the time… when the other half allows.

Andrew Goodlad

Andrew Goodlad

UI UX Designer

Andrew is our user interface and experience designer, and in this role endeavours to make ResDiary's interactions as simple and fluent as possible.

Andrew started at ResDiary back in 2011 and has moved from web design and branding to the new challenge of improving ResDiary’s UI and UX design.

 “The user experience is of utmost importance to the ResDiary system. Be it a restaurant manager, or someone booking a table online for their family - the journey must be effortless and fast.”

He’s a keen photographer (we’re biased, but think he’s very good) and his images are all around the office. Andrew enjoys a good concert - be it Metallica or Beethoven's 9th!

Adam Connelly

Adam Connelly

Senior Software Engineer

Adam does a variety of development that's required for ResDiary, including web development, database design, communication between internal ResDiary services, as well as supporting our live system.

Adam has worked in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Boston and New York, and lived in Boston for 6 months.

 “I enjoy working at ResDiary because of the people, and I really enjoy web development, automated testing and deployment.”

Adam is our company adrenaline junkie and goes skydiving or speed-flying most weekends - and if that’s not exciting enough, he normally snowboards all winter!

Ian Strachan

Ian Strachan

Senior Software Engineer

Ian develops improvements and fixes for the ResDiary web application.

Ian studied computing science at Glasgow University before working in web development for a number of public and private sector organisations.

Ian enjoys the outdoors - walking and cycling whenever he’s not being a taxi driver for his two kids. He also enjoys music gigs, whisky and ‘fitba’. And that’s all he has to say about that.

Yvette Sbragia

Yvette Sbragia

Accounts Assistant

Yvette works hard to ensure our customers can count on us for professional billing and is there to help with any questions about your account!

 “The whole team at ResDiary is committed to first class customer service. It's a great team to be part of, and something new happens every day!”

Yvette loves to go on city breaks to do a bit of sightseeing - along with experiencing the local cocktails... At weekends she’s usually studying for her ACCA exams.

Ryan Hollis

Ryan Hollis

Account Manager New Zealand

Ryan has worked in hospitality since 2003 after hanging up his rugby boots. He started his career as a Pastry Chef but missed talking to customers so moved to Front of House! He's had experience in F&B Management on Cruise Ships, 5* London Hotels, Restaurants, Bars and cafes all over the world.

Ryan has been in New Zealand for 13 months now, and loves the prospect of showing New Zealand restaurateurs how ResDiary can help grow their business.

 “With New Zealand restaurants having many walk-in customers, the W8List feature is an absolute winner.”

In his spare time Ryan enjoys going on adventures with his son Dylan - seeing what the New Zealand landscape has to offer. He loves all things food & drink, and loves to dine out with his family.

Hari Farzin

Hari Farzin

Digital & Marketing Director

Hari is a senior marketing and business development professional with extensive experience in the digital, brand development and communications industries.

Focusing on bringing ResDiary to both B2B and B2C markets, she is promoting the message of the ResDiary bookings system across all markets.

 “For me, the marketing and CRM included within ResDiary are invaluable tools for any restaurateur, allowing them to promote their unique offering and increase revenue. ResDiary allows business owners to reach more potential clients and increase quality contact with loyal customers. ”

A little insight into tenacious Hari: always on a mission, she is forever seeking new projects and thinks every day is a school day. During her rare quiet moments, Hari likes to chill with her family or partake in the occasional night out with a fun crowd.

Una Connolly

Una Connolly

Account Manager Ireland

Una joined ResDiary after working in the Hospitality sector on both sides of the Atlantic for over 15 years, latterly as the Sales & Reservations Manager for a busy Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub in Dublin.

Una had been a user of ResDiary in her previous role and she proclaims that "it revoloutionised how we did business"

 “We used to use a paper diary that was a nightmare! The different departments heads of the venue constantly needed to take the diary to keep up to date with bookings and to assist with rosters and ordering. This was really difficult as it meant that the diary was missing from reception so reservations would have to be stalled whilst the diary was gone.  This problem (and many others!) was completely eliminated when we switched to ResDiary as it is cloud based and it meant that multiple users could access the diary all at once and from any location - No more internal feuds!" ”

In her downtime Una loves trying out new restaurants and running to counterbalance for her favourite pastime! She also loves family time with her young daughters & her husband whenever she gets a glimpse of him - him being a bar owner!

Rachid El Kansouli

Rachid El Kansouli

Account Manager France and Italy

Rachid enjoys challenges and learning. After working in France and Italy in Hospitality and Marketing for several years, he ran a busy Michelin starred restaurant in the heart of Rome before joining ResDiary. 

 “What I love about ResDiary is the possibility for restaurants to secure their bookings with customer credit card details via ResDiary guarantees. It has been an advantage that hotels have had for a long time and the financial benefits for restaurants can be enormous!”

When not at work, Rachid enjoys cooking at home, and dining out too. Fun facts: Rachid can solve a Rubik’s Cube in 2 minutes, and speaks 4 languages!

Colin Winning

Colin Winning

Technology Director

Colin brings 20 years of experience to the ResDiary team, having developed his skills working on a variety of interesting projects from operating theatre systems to foreign exchange architecture. 
He joined the team in 2010 and has never seen a dull moment since, believing that the constant drive for innovation is both motivating and creatively challenging

 “ResDiary offers customers a highly-sophisticated booking system, with a simple to use front-end that staff and managers can easily adopt. I am incredibly lucky to be working with such a talented team, this is what helps us to keep delivering what I believe is the best online reservation offering on the market.”

More recently, Colin has been roped in (pun intended) to running his dogs up and down the dunes of the River Clyde with his amazing wife and three beautiful children.

Jim Tierney

Jim Tierney

iOS Developer

Jim’s our iOS developer and (not surprisingly) loves everything Apple.

Jim developed our slick new iPad app which works on AND offline (Handy if your restaurant’s wifi signal isn’t available everywhere!) and is currently developing a NEW ResDiary mobile app for allowing consumers to find, book and even pay their bill from, with ease.

“I love to write code, I see it when I blink! Always eager to integrate newer and cooler ways for our customers to access ResDiary from their Apple Devices.”

When he’s not coding, Jim likes to play tournament poker (he considers it a sport!?) and aims to play in the World Series of Poker in Vegas one day.

Gary Hall

Gary Hall

Digital Executive

Gary joined ResDiary with almost a decade’s worth of experience working on social media and marketing for major hospitality groups and events companies. He is responsible for delivering our social media and web content marketing strategy to a growing online community.

“It's a very exciting time to be at ResDiary with thousands of award winning, unique restaurants on board and an engaged social community to tell about them!”

When not tweeting frantically he can be found dining out, cooking, or dancing to classic Madonna records.

Aurimas Drungilas

Aurimas Drungilas

Digital Marketing Executive

Aurimas is responsible for Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertisement, and Analytics of our Website. He is a recent University of Hull graduate in Business and Management. Whilst at University Aurimas was involved in several Digital & Marketing roles and upon graduation also received 'Highest Academic Performance Award'.

“ResDiary attracted me due to its leading technology in the sector and, as I spent more time working can see - very moral and honest way of conducting business, which is often quite rare and refreshing that a business can achieve such a phenomenal growth in such a way.”

In his spare time, Aurimas enjoys traveling, spending time with his friends, and exploring Glasgow city.

Paul Lang

Paul Lang

ResDiary Developer

Paul joined ResDiary after spending over 17 years as a self-employed IT Consultant providing software development and IT support services to local businesses. He is part of the development team which is responsible for implementing all the great ResDiary features.

“There’s never a dull day as a ResDiary developer whether I’m busy implementing exciting new features or working to improve existing ones.”

When not developing software Paul enjoys watching rugby, cycling, cooking and fishkeeping - he currently has three tanks and is planning a fourth!

Ewan Farry

Ewan Farry

Support Executive

Meet Ewan, with a wealth of service industry experience from top hotel dining rooms and independent neighbourhood eateries to managing a busy Teppanyaki joint! He has worked across pen and paper diaries, and various booking systems before becoming the ResDiary expert he is today. It's this experience which makes him ideal to answer any support questions our customers have.

“I think ResDiary offers our customers so much more than just a booking management system. One of my favourite features are the ResDiary Guarantees via Stripe Connect which enable restaurateurs to securely store guest credit card details to protect against no shows, take deposits and generally make everyone's life a better place.”

When Ewan takes his headset off for the day, he strives to find ways to make the perfect coffee and recreate Michelin star cuisine at home, while playing vintage records.